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Paul Simovich from Prescott Valley | 10lb Package
Well I just dug into my first bite of a Ribeye wow! Very good! Melts in my mouth very tender.
Jimmy Roy from Prescott Valley | Short Ribs
Your Ribs were sooo good. Yum, Yum. We baked them off, with some celery onions & carrots, and made a homemade gravy to go with them. They were wonderful!
Troy Barrett from Prescott Valley | 20lb Package
I recently purchased six 2 lb chubs of the 89% lean ground beef. I'm on a low salt diet so I only added pepper, and this beef still had amazing flavor that came through without the help of salt. It had a great texture after being grilled nice snap to the outside tender and juicy on the inside. You can tell that a lot of thought went into raising this beef. A very high quality product. Burgers first night, meatloaf last night, chili is next! You're high quality beef makes me want to cook more! Thank you Aaron and Miranda!
Kevin Nimmo from Prescott Valley | 10lb Package
Simply the best beef you can buy! After tasting the tender, juicy ribeye steaks you'll never want a store bought steak again.
Tyler Gallo from Prescott | 10lb Package
Thank You Aaron, Lazy L Ranch your steaks and burgers were so good. We loved the ribeyes and the ground beef was so juicy too. Thanks again we'll be back!
Brenna Rothenbusch from Chino Valley | 20lb Package
Absolutely love the beef we purchased and already ordered more for pickup! The taste is amazing and the quality is unmatched! Great prices and great people! Thank you for all you do!
Ardene Francisco from Prescott | 20lb Package
We just picked up our first order this week and have only made burgers so far. Oh my they were delicious! And they Lass’ we’re so fun to visit with We’ll be repeat customers for sure
Rebecca Carlson from Prescott | 20lb Package
OMGOSH!! We literally just put NY Steaks on the grill. Our 1st time to fix any Lazy L Ranch Beef. Can you say F A B U L O U S? Thanks to Lazy L Ranch that’s what our dinner was! Great NY Steaks, Aaron Lass. Perfect flavor and texture. All that was left was the bones. We highly recommend Lazy L Ranch Beef!!
Rosie Carroll from Prescott AZ | 20lb Package
While cooking grass fed beef for Daisy this morning, first thing I noticed was...NO mystery fluids filled the pan! Thank you Lazy L Beef Co. in Chino! All Natural Flavorful Juices!
Cindy Robinson from Prescott Valley | 10lb Package
New to Lazy L beef, we tried the Ribeye last night for our first experience with their beef. My husband and I are from Nebraska and were raised on corn fed beef which we loved. We have transitioned to a cleaner diet over the last few years but had not found any grass fed beef we liked the taste and texture of. Last night we were pleasantly surprised at the quality, tenderness and flavor of our grilled steak. Looking forward to trying all cuts going forward. Also, their customer service is outstanding!
Al Lemieux from Prescott Valley | 10lb Package
Tuesday 2/5/24 Went to check out the Lazy L Ranch. Met Aaron and Miranda. They gave us a nice tour. wound up getting there 10 pound pack. (2) T-Bones (2) Rib eyes (2) 2 lbs chubs of ground beef. PLUS 2 lbs of stewing beef and a 2.5 lbs chuck roast $159. These steaks were 1.5 in thick! and were excellent. Just had our ribeyes last night, cut like butter. We’ll be back
J Hanna Dawson from Prescott | Beef Stew
We purchased Lazy L stew meat package to try it out. We were so impressed we immediately went back and bought several more of the packages and then ordered half a steer. It is, hands down, the best beef I have ever had. Great people who own and operate it. I can’t say enough good things about this ranch and their beef.
Lisa Lisa from Prescott Valley | 10lb Package
We just had a beef and noodle dinner in the Crock pot! And let me tell you the beef was so tender used a 7 bone roast ! Thus dinner was Amazing! Thank you Lazy L Ranch! Wow
Rosie Carroll from Prescott | 10lb Package
Had our first flat iron steak this evening from Lazy L Beef Co in Chino Valley. Man, oh man...delish! So tender and the texture is very fine. I cook our steaks with avocado oil and butter, you can't go wrong! If you haven't been there, you must pay a visit, get a tour and stock up on beef. Thank you Aaron, Miranda and Willie!
Eric Eby from Prescott | 10lb Package
Huge shout out to good ol Willie Lass and Lazy L Beef for the wonderful beef package. Ribeye was on point! Give him a shout if you want to try some amazing local beef! It tastes amazing! My wife really liked it to!
Terrie from Paulden | 10lb Package
We bought the 10lb package and some organ meat (the organ meat was to make home made dog food) We were very happy with it all the steaks were awesome. Can’t wait to buy some more
Mike Holbrook from Prescott | 20lb Package
OMG, their Beef Brisket is delicious. While I'm sure the seasoning helped, Aaron Lass at Lazy L Ranch has some of the best beef that I've ever eaten. By the way, that's a 6 pound brisket in an extra large lasagna pan about 20 inches wide. It barely fit in the oven!
Guy Slaughter from PRESCOTT | 10lb Package
I bought brisket and chuck for Christmas dinner. My daughter made beef Bourguignon and it was the best beef ever!!!
Joel R from Prescott, AZ | 10lb Package
My Family Refuses to eat anything but Lazy L Beef, even made me get rid of the store bought beef. When my friends come over to visit they REQUEST the Lazy L Beef!
Susan W from Prescott, AZ | 50lb Package
We purchased 2 of your $50lb packages in the Fall and we enjoyed the quality and taste of your beef. I’m interested in perhaps ordering a full cow for December Thank You So Much.
Rich C from Dewey, AZ | Beef Side
So far, rib steaks were the best I've had in at least a couple of decades, sirloin and ground beef were surprisingly tender and tasty. Thanks for all the great work!
Amy from Prescott Valley | 20lb Package
Absolutely delicious!!!! The brisket was out of this world!!! The roast is sooooo flavorful and tender! Melts in your mouth!!! I can't wait to try the steaks and hamburger!!! Thank you Aaron Lass! Great job!!! We'll be ordering more for sure!!! Amy
Lorin M from Phoenix, AZ | 10lb Package
Killer beef! Maybe best I've ever had. I honestly don't eat alot of meat, but I did that week! Half pounders every night! Wanted it fresh & didn't wanna waste it. You won't either.
Lee Metzger from Prescott Valley | 20lb Package
AARON and Miranda were great. Delivered the next day. Explained the process and very personable. Meat was quality wrapped and marked each package.
Joel Resler from Prescott, AZ | 20lb Package
We bought out first 20 lb package of beef last week, we have tried the stakes and ground beef. We thought that their wouldn't be much of a difference between the store bought and the farm raised, we were 100% wrong. The flavor of the meat was fantastic, juicy and had no shrinkage when cooked. We are now talking to family members on buying a 1/4 to 1/2 side and sharing it, so we don't have to buy store bought meat any longer. I would highly recommend giving this a try, your taste buds will love you for it !
Mary from Chino Valley | 50lb Package
Purchased the 50lb package and sent some to several friends out of state after keeping some for ourselves. They all raived about the quality and taste. Definately will be keeping some in our freezer. Delicious!
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