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Lazy L Ranch offers beef specials and package deals when available. Here are our current specials.
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 Black Angus Grass Fed Beef from Arizona. Finished on Sweet C.O.B. (corn, oats, barley) and Red Wine!

 No Steroids, No Growth Hormones, and No Antibiotics are Ever Used in our cattle.

 Pasture Raised, Locally Processed, and Locally Packaged. ADA Inspected.

All Meat is Flash Frozen and Double Wrapped.



Lazy L Beef Ribs Specials Short Ribs Special - Short Ribs Packages
Temporarily Sold Out - contact us
Price: Only $69.00 and $119.00!

12 Short Ribs (3 Packs / 6-9 lbs total) $69
24 Short Ribs (6 Packs / 12-18 lbs total) $119

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Please note: Package weights may vary slightly over or under.
Please note: Variety Pack Steaks are a combination of cuts. Each steak package is different.

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