The Best Tasting Beef You've Ever Had!   ~ Aaron Lass

lazy l ranch aaron lassAt age 15 Aaron Lass bought 4 Steers from a Local Rancher. Learning about All-Natural Grass Fed Beef Aaron finished them on Sweet C.O.B. and Wine, YES WINE! Sweet C.O.B. is Molasses, Corn, Oat and Barley. Aaron says it’s “The Best Tasting Beef You Ever Had!” Aaron currently sells Sides of beef in Quarter, Half and Whole sides. Beef Packages of 10lb, 20lb, 40lb and 50lb.
Angus Beef Cattle are the best” Aaron says. We buy from local ranchers where the cattle are raised on Alfalfa/Grass Pastures. Most Recently we selected our Steers from the Willis Angus Ranch in Snowflake, AZ. We then finish for 90 days at our ranch in Chino Valley, AZ. No Steroids, No Growth Hormones and No Antibiotics are ever used. Aaron says 100% Grass Fed Beef is very dry, and not as flavorful as finishing with Sweet C. O. B. and Wine. The Wine Flavors and C.O.B. Marbles the beef it is delicious! The Beef is processed locally.
Miles Holder, Chino Valley High School Agriculture Teacher said Aaron has grown into a fine Cattleman. When I first met Aaron as a student 8 years ago, he started his Beef Finishing business with 4 Steers. Aaron has committed to buying over 200 Round Bales of Sorghum Sudan from the Agriculture Department, a very good Beef Cattle Hay.

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Lazy L Ranch Beef Chino Valley, AZ Arizona Kobe
Lazy L Ranch Beef Chino Valley, AZ Arizona Kobe